Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Best Games of the Week 05.19.08 - 05.25.08

Type: HK
ID: 806760
Points: 256
Winner: monkey415
Combination: Pung Hand - 3One suit Only - 6Flower of Own Wind - 1
Comment: An interesting game that was unusually risky! Player monkey415 could have made a "Hand of Pungs" but decided to make a "Hand in a Suite". He did it! Nice work bravo monkey415!!

Type: CO
Points: 808508
Points: 144
Winner: at88888
Combinations: Three Concealed Pungs - 16; Lower Four - 12; All Pungs - 6; Double Pung -2; Pung of Terminals or Honors - 1; Self Drawn - 1; Flowers - 2
Comment: Player at88888 proved he is a skilled player in this game by showing a great "Set of Combinations" in a Hand. Bravo at88888!!

Type: JM
ID: 807027
Points: 18000
Winner: cmak164
Combinations: Full Flush - 6; Reach - 1
Comment: In Mahjong, the tiles come at the beginning, but the best ideas come during the game. Player cmak164 decided to take a risk and tried a "Full Flush". The reward was worth the risk! Well played cmak164!!

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