Monday, May 19, 2008

Best Games of the Week 05.12.08 - 05.18.08

Type: HK
ID: 804253
Points: 256
Winner: at88888
Thirteen Orphans - 64
Season of own wind - 1

Comment: It has been 2 months since someone created a thirteen orphans combination in HK. This is a difficult task, everything depends on how the game begins, and on how many tiles will come for this combination. at88888 observed, took a risk, and really tried, as a result he won. Bravo at88888!!!

Type: CO
ID: 804706
Points: 113
Winner: jadetree
Thirteen Orphans - 88
Flower Tiles -1

Comment: Sometimes you do not know which combination you are to make, but sometimes its as if its already established, and the only thing to do is to have patience. With patience and skill, jadetree won. Bravo jadetree!!!

Type: JM
ID: 801251
Points: 24000
Player: BlazZze
Full Flush -6
Instant -1
Reach -1
Closed Tsumo - 1

Comment: We may see that the Full Flush combination is somewhat frequently declared, although this combination is very risky and takes skill. Blazzze, with a bit of luck, risked and won. Even the competitors could not come to MJ in the end. Bravo Blazzze!!!

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