Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Best Games of the Week 05.05.08-05.11.08

Type: HK
ID: 800261
Points: 384
Winner: Bonzi
Little Four Winds - 64
No Flowers or Seasons -1

Comment: Bonzi deserved this win, it was very hard to win but the players were reaching the end of the Game at the same time. At the beginning came two pairs of winds, and he risked to make the Little Four Winds combination. It was worth to risk.

Type: CO
ID: 800342
Points: 53
Winner: jindu
Full Flush - 24
All Simples - 2
Tile Hog - 2
Short Straight - 1

Comment: Jindu won this game beautifully. Two players were ready to declare Mahjong, but they were not lucky enough to do so. This game was attractive because it finished at the end of the Wall.

Type: JM
ID: 798846
Points: 32000
Four Winds - 13 hans

Comment: A wonderful Game! Florrie got the winds that others usually threw, for example at88888 declared Mahjong throwing a wind. A rarely met combination. Such a combination was met in March the week 03.17 - 23.08.

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