Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Best Games of January

Mahjong Time is pleased to announce the winners in our Best Games of the Month competition! January had many great Mahjongs! Each winner of the Games of the Month wins a prize of $150. The winners of January 2009 are:

Type: HK
Game ID: 1090415
User Name: adelenel
Points: 256
Hand: b19 c19 d19 DG DRDR DW WE WS WW WN
Combination: Thirteen Orphans - 64
After FaanLaak Table - 64

Comments: Very good combination. Thirteen Orphans is a nice combination in HK style. Player adelenel must be very skillful in Mahjong. We wish you luck in the future.

Type: CO
Game ID: 1074390
User Name: jindu
Points: 159
Hand: c123 c456 c567 c789 c99
Combination: Full Flush - 24
Pure Straight - 16
All Chows - 2
Self drawn - 1
Flower Tiles - 1
Flower Tiles - 1

Comments: A very good game! Player jindu made very good combination using all character chows. We wish jindu good luck in the future. Congratulations!

Type: RCR
Game ID: 1084613
User Name: pinpin
Points: 41000
Hand: c123 d123 c22 c678 d678
Combination: 13(yaku) Blessing of Earth

Comments: Wow, this is an unbelievable hand. Player pinpin declared Mahjong from the first discard. This is the first time on our web site when a player declares Mahjong from the first discard. Probably have to be very lucky to get from the wall a such combination and it is a very good combination. Very nice, our congratulation, we hope that such great luck will never leave you .

Type: WSoM
Game ID: 1093390
User Name: bro305sg
Points: 345
Hand: c234 c33 c456 c789 c789
Combination: Two Identical Sequences - 10
Pure One-Suit - 100
All Sequences - 5

Comments: A very good combination made by bro305sg. All sequences in one suit is a pretty good hand. We are very glad that bro305sg could do this combination. Our congratulations and good luck for the future.

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