Monday, February 16, 2009

The Best Games of the week 02.02.09 - 02.08.09

Game Type: HK
Game ID: 1106200
User Name: jennylim
Points: 384 MS
Wall: 29
Hand: c66 c333 c888 b888 WWWWWW
Combination: 64 Hidden Treasure
64 After FaanLaak Table

Comments: Very nice combination , made with quite a few tiles in the wall, made in a pretty good time. jennylim showed last time very great results. We like your activity on our web site and your results. Our congratulations, jennylim!


Game Type: CO
Game ID: 1111954
User Name: mjsage
Points: 68
Wall: 46
Hand: b111 b22 d222 c222 c333
Combination: 24 Lower Tiles
8 Mixed Shifted Pungs
6 All Pungs
2 Two Concealed Pungs
2 Double Pung
1 Pung of terminals or Honors
1 Flower Tiles

Comments: Very impressive play! Done in time. Even at the beginning of the game mjsage knew what to discard and what to keep. Very good strategy, it gave you great results. Congratulations!


Game Type: RCR
Game ID: 1110409
User Name: itok
Points: 41000MS
Wall: 28
Hand: c123 c345 c456 c77 c789
Combination: 6(yaku) Full Flush
2(yaku) Pure Straight
1(yaku) Pinfu
1(yaku) Fully Concealed Hand
1(yaku) Riichi
2(han) ura Dora
8000 After Mangan Table
9000 Uma Bonus

Comments: A very good hand. The Full Flush and the Pure Straight are real nice combinations and in additions all was concealed . itok impressed us again with her knowledge and good luck. Congratulations for your best combination!


Game Type: WSoM
Game ID: 1117723
User Name: ubivis
Wall: 37
Hand: c88 d777 c666 c777 b777
Combination: 120 Three Similar Triplets
30 All Triplets
5 No Terminals

Comments: A very impressive hand , done in a perfect time . Ubivis we are glad to see you again with Best Hand of the week. Congratulations and good luck in the future!

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