Monday, April 06, 2009

The Best Games of March !!!

Type: HK
Game ID: 1175794
User Name: joellow777
Points: 384MS
Wall: 58
Hand: b19 c19 d19 DG DR DW WE WS WW WNWM
Combination:64 Thirteen Orphans
64 After FaanLaak Table

Comments: Player joellow777 is a new user on our web site but he already shows good knowledge of Mahjong Rules and Scoring. Congratulations with Best Hand of Month in HK Style.

Type: CO
Game ID: 1169227
User Name: jnjsport
Points: 348MS
Wall: 52
Combination:64 Little Three Dragons
32 All Terminals and Honors
6 Half Flush
2 Seat Wind
1 Self drawn
1 Flower Tiles
1 Flower Tiles
1 Flower Tiles

Comments: A combination worthy to be declared Best of Month , Our congratulations, jnjsport. We are glad for your success !!!

Type: RCR
Game ID: 1155697
User Name: winne61
Points: 41000
Wall: 38
Hand: b77 c111 c999 d111 d777
Combination: 13(yaku) Four Concealed Pungs
1(yaku) Riichi
3(han) Ura Dora

Comments: Very nice combination. Winne61 shows very good hands in last time, Winne61 is on our web site only for two months but he has already surpassed players with experience from our site. Our Congratulations, winne61 !!!

Type: TW
Game ID: 1181470
User Name: m0on7chiLd
Points: 138MS
Wall: b111 b22 b444 b567 b678 b999
Hand: 34
Combination: 40 One Suit Only
1 Out on a Pair
2 Winning
1 Flower/Season
1 Self-drawn last tile
3 Dealer's bonus.

Comments: Player m0on7chiLd is a very competent player on our web site . We are glad that he has strengthened his knowledge base in Mahjong games. Our Congratulations, we wish good luck for the future!

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