Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Best Games of the Week 04.20.09-04.26.09

Type: HK
Game ID: 1235410
User Name: princessMJ
Points: 384MS
Wall: 35
Hand: b19 c199 d19 DG DR DW WE WS WW WN
Combination: 64 Thirteen Orphans

Comments: Very good combination. Thirteen Orphans is pretty met in HK Style, anyway user must be very skillful in Mahjong to made such combination. Our Congratulations princessMJ, we wish you good luck in the future.

Type: CO
Game ID: 1238931
User Name: Violetdream
Points: 117MS
Wall: 46
Hand: b369 c258 d147 DR DW WE WS WN
Combination: 12 Lesser Honors and Knitted Tiles
12 Knitted Straight
4 Fully Concealed Hand
1 Flower Tiles
1 Flower Tiles
1 Flower Tiles

Comments: A very impressive hand, Lesser Honors and Knitted Straight it's a very good combination. On this week was also two users with Full Flash combination, but wasn't enough good like Knitted Straight, This combination is more complex like Full Flush and is more hard to made it. Our Congratulations, Violetdream. Keep it up and Good luck !!!

Type: RCR
Game ID: 1234244
User Name: jade27
Points: 26000
Wall: 45
Hand: b567 c345 c567 d33 d456
Combination: 1(yaku) Pinfu
1(yaku) All Simples
3(han) Rad Fives
1(yaku) Riichi

Comments: A very nice game, jade27 and apie claimed the same tile for Mahjong, but won this game jade27 because his hand was more stronger. Good luck Our Congratulations jade27, we wish good luck for the future!

Type: TW
Game ID: 1231899
User Name: xylia66
Points: 114MS
Wall: 27
Hand: b22 c11 c44 d33 d666 d88 d99 WSWS
Combination: 30 Seven pairs and a triplet
2 Winning
3 Fully Concealed Hand
1 Flower/Season
1 Flower/Season
3 Dealer's bonus

Comments: Very lucky game! Player xylia66 from the very start had in her hand five pairs. With her luck and knowledge she could make seven pairs and a triplet. xylia66 we are glad to see you with such a good combination. Enjoy your games in the future and we are waiting for you to come with more powerful combinations. Good Luck !!

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