Friday, December 18, 2015

Mahjong Time is proud to announce the immediate release of EON 2.3.Beta

Mahjong Time team is proud to announce the immediate release of EON 2.3.Beta.  This release is a major improvement, which includes a large number of new features and bug fixes. Please follow this link to download the latest Beta: 

The key features of EON 2.3 Beta release:

Action Menu
The new menu replaces the call buttons at the bottom of the screen with a streamlined and intuitive new pop-up menu. The new menu naturally speeds up games without compromising functionality, and does not block the view of the table, allowing for a more zoomed-in immersive experience.

Hot Keys
This update allows the game to be played solely by using your keyboard alone!

The list of keyboard shortcuts:

Activate Keyboard - Mouse click on the table

Deactivate Keyboard - Mouse click on action menu deactivates the keyboard shortcuts

Spacebar - pass or discard a tile from your hand

Enter -  claim Chow, Pung, Mahjong(to claim a self Mahjong/Kong or Riichi use Up Arrow first  to switch the focus from your hand to the action menu)

Left and Right Arrows - Select appropriate action menu options(Chow, Pung, Kong, Mahjong) or select a tile to discard

Down Arrow - places cursor in middle of your hand. If the focus is on Action menu then middle arrow will place the focus to your hand. So, you can select a tile to discard.

Charleston - Underlined letters and numbers in menus and dialog boxes options correspond with the keyboard keys you must press in order to emulate mouse clicking of the same menu item or dialog box option.  

E - Underlined letter “E” is the Enter key on your keyboard. Enter key is used during the charleston to exchange tiles

Y/N - Y and N keys on your keyboard are used to say yes or no to the next charleston

0/1/2/3 - Numbers from 0 to 3 are used to declare the number of tiles you will be changing during the pass across

0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 - Numbers from 0 to 8 on your keyboard are used to specify the number of flowers to be replaced.
Flowers - Select a flower tile and then use arrow keys to discard or replace the flower tile.

Game View Presets
Mahjong Time players can currently use the CTRL button on the keyboard along with the mouse to move the camera around the table to change the point of view. The upcoming introduction of view presets will present players with pre-calculated vantage point options with optimal game play view and realism.

Move Timer
The new menu also features a move timer that is presented as light dust draining from the call menu. This dust provides at-glance information to players about how much time is left in their turn to move. Moreover, the new menu frees up more room on the screen, which will allow for a more realistic, unobstructed view of the table during the game.

Hints and Tips

A new tutorial system will show players valuable hints and tips to improve player’s gaming experience. Currently, the system is set to show one tip while you are waiting to start a new game.

Mahjong Time has always been committed to making Mahjong Time as life-like as possible. We are very proud of the addition of this update to our EON software - complimenting its beautiful graphics, with an intuitive and dynamic user interface for controlling the game.


Unknown said...

I tried EON 2.3.1 R4012 on a live game and it hung up after awhile. I then tried to play some of the practice games, and those hung up, as well. The other thing that I noticed is that when your tiles are being distributed at the beginning of the game that you are not able to sort them as they appear before you. You now have to wait till you have all 13 (or 14) tiles, which doesn't leave much time to figure out what hand you want to make.

Slava Novozhenya said...

We are sorry to hear that you are having problems with the performance of the new Beta.
In order to solve this issue, we would have to check if hardware acceleration is enabled. Here is a link where you will find instructions on how to check if you have hardware acceleration is enabled or not:
If hardware acceleration is not enabled then you need to enable it, and the performance will improve dramatically

In regards to the sorting of the tiles, if you would like to sort the tiles as they come to your hand, then the "Auto Arrange Tiles" setting should be disabled in your Settings, and you will be able to arrange them to your liking.
Thank you for your feedback!

Unknown said...

New Beta 2.3.2 r4027 version.
While I am sure that there are enhancements, I still see the same three issues that I've reported previously that are pretty irritating.
1. You still cannot automatically sort your tiles during the initial deal by clicking on the lower right hand button. When you hit that, it asks if you want to exit the game, instead of popping up the other buttons (sort, voice chat, game zoom). Please make this a priority in your next revision. It is really a pain.
2. When it's your turn and the "It's your move now" box pops up, it still is partially blocking the tile that you just got in your hand. Again, irritating.
3. Would be nice if the "pass pung, etc" choices popped up at the moment the caller is announcing the tile, instead of being shown when the tile is actually fully place on the table. There is a second or so (unnecessary) delay.
Thank you,
LuAnn (daily player)

Slava Novozhenya said...


1. We have added the pop up menu as you requested. You can use the menu as soon as the deal starts.
2. The pop up: "It is your time to move now" can be turned off by going into the 'Game Settings' screen and unchecking 'show help tips'.
Please look at the image:
The pop up should not show up again.
3. We are showing the menu right at the moment when the tile hits the table. Please look at this image below, you can still see dust around the tile as it hits the table and the menu is already showing up:

Happy New Year!