Sunday, January 31, 2016

EON Beta v2.3.8 Released - Introducing Safe Discard Help

Download the latest Beta:

This month, we added and improved the following essential features of our EON Beta(v2.3.7):

Safe Discard Help for VIP and Premium subscribers- 
When you select a tile in your hand by mouse or keyboard while it is your move to discard a tile from your hand, the already discarded tiles that match the selected tile in your hand raise up just enough to distinguish selected tile in your hand from the other previously discarded tiles.

This new feature helps to find safer discards in your hand quicker and more efficiently, and it is available to all players in this Beta release. When the Beta becomes the live version of the game, this feature will be restricted to VIP and Premium subscribers only.

Game Speed -
The overall speed of play increased as a result of improved processing of animations during the gameplay.

Wall or Hand Tile Discard -
The latest Beta offers a more explicit way for players to see whether your opponent discarded a tile from hand or the wall.


Calusa said...

Unfortunately, Apple products cannot download the beta version. I have an IMAC and an IPad and cannot play on either. I also have a Surface which does allow me to play the Beta version, but the Surface tablet is dying.

Slava Novozhenya said...

Hello Calusa,
Thank you for trying the Beta.
I tried to download the latest Beta version, and it does look like the link above has an issue with Apple computers. We are looking into this matter right now.
In meantime, you could try to download the latest Beta using this link:

Calusa said...

Oh, thank you! It works on my IMAC. Now, I will see if it will download on my IPAD. Thank you so much! -- Calusa

Calusa said...

Oops! It does NOT open on my IPAD Mini 4. -- Calusa

Slava Novozhenya said...

Unfortunately, we do not have an Android or an iPad Beta app.
EON Beta works as a downloadable application on Windows and Macs.

Slava Novozhenya said...

We tested the installation link( on Macs, and it works when we install the EON Beta using Chrome and Opera browsers. However, while we tried to install our Beta using Safari browser, we received the following error: "You must adjust Safari's security preferences to allow Flash content from this domain to work properly." Here are the instructions for those who are comfortable to adjust Safari's security settings:

jp said...

I have been trying out the latest Beta version.In NMJL games I would like to just hit the space bar for discarding the latest pick, like it does in the current production version. I've found if my cursor is hovering over another tile in my hand, that's the one that gets discarded, not the latest pick. Also would prefer the pop-up "pung/kong/mahjonng" be one color, I find it very distracting when it pops up. There is too much movement going on in the screen.

Slava Novozhenya said...

Hello JP,
Thank you for trying the new Beta.
The space bar to discard a tile in your hand works in the Beta as well. Most likely, the keyboard has to be activated by clicking on anywhere on the table. When the mouse is used to click on the action menu(Pass, Pung, Quint, Kong, Mah Jongg) the keyboard deactivates, and it has to be activated back each time the mouse is used to click on any prompts during the game.
Furthermore, the keyboard hotkeys have improved significantly. Please refer to the previous EON Beta article:
Play the whole NMJL card game without the mouse:
- use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select a tile in your hand and then hit the space bar to discard it.
- The list of the Action Menu shortcuts:
P - Pung; K -Kong; Q - Quint, M - Mah Jongg!
In the EON Beta, there are two ways to select a tile in your hand. By using your keyboard or mouse over. Thus, when you mouse over a tile you select it, and if you hit the space bar the tile discards.
It is a very convenient and quick way to play without using your mouse.
I also agree that the current NMJL Card EON Beta game is too flashy due to the long menu which has to be displayed each time when someone discards a tile, or it is your turn to discard. We have this issue only in NMJL card game because players play NMJL card games with no auto pass enabled. When the system auto-passes for you the game becomes much cleaner as the action menu pops up only when you have something to call.
There is, however, a way of enabling the auto-pass in non-auto pass games also.
If you are waiting for the last tile or you are not ready to meld any sets yet, you can click on the 'Pass All' menu option which is on the left side of the game. In this case, the system asks for your input only when you can win the game by hitting on 'Mah Jongg' button.
If your hand requires only Kongs, then you can safely click on 'Ignore Pungs', and the system auto passes for you until you can form a Kong.
Auto-Pass menu should help with the flashy action menu.